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Best home remedy for back pain during pregnancy

Back pain during pregnancy is basic. Roughly 50% of all pregnancies are confounded by back agony. Around 10% of the time, the pain turns out to be severe to the point that it can meddle with the capacity to work or complete typical exercises amid pregnancy. Key elements that are connected with expanded danger of creating lower back pain during pregnancy include:

Physically strenuous work
Lifting, bowing, and tyke care
A past filled with low back before pregnancy
Here in this article I am sharing best home remedy for back pain during pregnancy.


  1. Gondh 1/2 cup
  2. Almond 1/2 cup
  3. Pistachio 1/2 cup
  4. Dried Ginger powder 1/4 cup


Take gondh, almonds, pistachio and dried ginger powder
Grind them and make a fine powder
Eat 1 tsp of this powder daily 2 times and get rid of back pain during pregnancy.

Normal Causes Of Back Pain During pregnancy

Breakdown in the sacroiliac joint is the most widely recognized reason for back pain in pregnancy. While it can be very agonizing, this condition is treatable and (particularly with treatment) has a tendency to show signs of improvement after conveyance of the child.

The sacroiliac joint structures the useful unit of the pelvis that permits typical exchanging development amid strolling. As the pregnancy progresses, hormonal changes set up the pelvis for conveyance of the kid by slackening the solid ligaments that control the capacity of these joints.

The expanded flexibility of these ligaments during pregnancy is essential for the conception channel to extend as the child goes through it. On the other hand, the related increment in movement and flimsiness around the sacroiliac joint can likewise be a wellspring of sacroiliac agony.You’re extending uterus moves your focal point of gravity and extends and debilitates your stomach muscles, changing your stance and putting strain on your back. It might likewise bring about back pain

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